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The best place to buy and sell

We know the business of buying and selling agricultural goods/ machinery can be tiresome and stressful. Thats where we come in. We advertise items FREE of charge on our website and in our monthly catalogue, when the item sells we then take a commission on the sale price. Nothing more. Its that simple. Farm to Farm is one of the largest independent agricultural brokers of its type in the UK. Known for quality and friendly service, Farm to Farm has hundreds of agricultural goods and used machines available and over 30 years’ reputation dealing in farm equipment. Click 'Used Machinery' to see the items we have available or call us on 07399 935053 and we will be happy to source the right equipment for you.


Who are we?

Meet Tris & Fiona

Mother & Son team, we run Farm to Farm. We also farm ourselves on a small farm in Northamptonshire. Having the experience ourselves of the pitfalls and problems that can arise when buying or selling farm equipment, means that we really pride ourselves on making the buying and selling process as simple and safe as possible. Our aim is that both parties have a good experience through Farm to Farm.

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